The Pulsar IGBT system incorporates the latest in transistorised technology with digital micro processor control for the efficient heating and melting of ferrous, non ferrous and precious metals.

The best features

Diagnostics and real time data is incorporated within a sophisticated software driven touch screen HMI  with menu driven features to provide the operator with  the ultimate real time and historic  information.

System includes its own integrated deionised closed circuit water cooling circuit, water conductivity meter and a sensitive earth leakage detection system.

The reliable choice

Intelligent fibre optically fired  IGBT’s  are digitally controlled to give a seamless level of operator control and system reliability.


Most Pulsar IGBT inverters will connect directly to a standard distribution transformer and will drive all makes and types of induction furnace body, from the smallest 75kW  to the largest 750kW power rating the machine has many standard components across the range which has significantly reduced the need for variants of the same component type.

Efficient and simple

The Pulsar IGBT offers near straight line performance across the melt cycle with an operating efficiency of around 98% while maintaining near unity power factor. Clearly laid out instrumentation provides the operator with uncomplicated visual feed back showing the machines operating  conditions. Optional analogue metering can be offered with back lit with LED’s  in addition to the HMI display.

Standard features

  • 75 to 750kW with frequencies of 200 to 10,000Hz.
  • HMI touch screen display with operator interface.
  • Comprehensive diagnostic with menu driven display.
  • Semi controlled SCR/Diode rectifier.
  • Sensitive earth leakage monitor with diagnostic indicator.
  • Series tuned output for ultimate coupling range.
  • Closed circuit internal water system with deionizer.
  • Internal water flow switches and temperature sensors.
  • Programmable auto frit and auto start functions.

Optional extra items

  • Energy monitor with liquid crystal offering display of power consumption, power factor, plus other functions.
  • LED back lit analogue metering.
  • SIM card based modem for remote diagnostics.
  • Ethernet based connectivity for remote diagnostics and data streaming.
  • Manual or motor operated furnace selection switches.
  • Power share for simultaneous operation of two furnace bodies.
  • Water conductivity meter with digital display.
  • Low voltage output for vacuum furnace applications.