Compact rollover furnace bodies designed specifically for the efficient melting and casting of precision products for the lost wax / investment casting industry, these furnace bodies can easily be connected to all brands and specification of inverter system.

Induction Furnace for Shell Moulding

Built for the most demanding of applications, the Mag-Melt Rollover furnace body has a fabricated steel construction with internal screening to meet current EU magnetic field emission regulations.

System comes complete with desk mounted PLC control system and 8 inch touch screen offering simple to use menu based functionality.

Rollover function is enabled with a maintenance free electrically driven servo motor and gearbox complete with encoder and auto brake for complete safety.

Smooth, Controlled Rollover

The Mag-Melt semi automatic Rollover furnace offers a smooth and controlled rollover function for investment casting applications , the ramp speed and rotation offers a very controlled and repeatable mould fill resulting in less shell mould break outs and better quality castings when compared to manual or hydraulic driven equivalents. All functions are selected from an easy to use 8 inch touch screen with an array of functions for improved production efficiencies.

A host of safety features which include , cubicle inter-lock for operator safety, clamp bar pressure adjustment and pressure loss interlock, offset function and horizontal mode to make cleaning and charging simple.

System Features

  • Heavy gauge steel construction.
  • Magnetically screened .
  • Adjustable pneumatic driven clamps.
  • Premium grade encoded servo motor & gearbox.
  • Low resistance water cooled copper induction coil
  • Menu selectable ramp and rotation speeds.
  • Floor standing, no pit required.
  • Fully interlocked to prevent accidental rolling.
  • Lip fume extraction ring/ gas curtain (Optional)